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Fine Balance Studio

Melissa Foster, Artist

I consider myself to be a folklorist of Nature’s mythology.

I live in Appalachia in the forest and field,

I seek to record the sagas unfolding around me.

The colors, and rhythms are my fodder

The animals

The flora and fauna,

They arrive at my easel like a blessing,

like a prayer




I was born in Washington DC and grew up in the beautiful countryside of Virginia. I now find myself in a cottage in these ancient mountains Studio in house Gardens all around I can be in wilderness in a heartbeat, Where I seek my vision.

I am a self-taught oil painter. I seek out the riddles, questions, puzzles, and jokes of the wilderness. I paint to record nature's saga unfolding around me. I began painting in central Mexico on my travels.

Carrying my paints and brushes, I found a large studio with a brick fireplace. This studio overlooked a hillside of dark earth and blazing white calla lilies. Cobbling an easel together, and stretching canvas, I began to draw and paint.

From open air markets to the bull ring, I painted. Mexico was my fodder, a visual circus at my fingertips. Now I live in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia.

This karst region, bursting with sinkholes and caverns. Dramatic limestone karst of this stark countryside, is ever exotic to my soul.

then off to the field and forest, and into the wilderness I wander. My heart sings and I gather visions like fireflies.

Cowyard Mosaic.png
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